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David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Sat 13 Dec 2014 22:12
17.03.31N 59.47.73W

We have managed to sail remarkably well over the past 2 days, despite very light winds at times We have found that the wind often dies at early evening and just when we are getting depressed at the thought of hand steering through the night, the wind picks up and we have a good nights sailing. We have only used 2 engine hours in the last 2 days.


We have just about filled the Port tank with watermaker water, but need to use up the Starboard tank before switching completely to our own fresh water. We will have to look out the rehydration salts as the watermaker removes all the good water ingredients as well as the bad.


Our priority is now to run the fridge for cold beer and Champagne, however it is only working occasionally and keeps switching itself off – this is a major problem as we must have cold Champagne!!!


We now (9.30 am Antigua time (-4hrs)) have just 130 miles to go so will arrive early Sunday. We plan to anchor in the bay during the day and get the boat sorted out, then late afternoon go in to the Customs berth and stay there the night, then book in early Monday. This will avoid any Sunday overtime charges as well as having some other advantages.


We have been reviewing our issues during the crossing and looking at what we need to consider to resolve the issues.


·         We need to get the autopilot fixed, but also as a backup we will look again at fitting a small autopilot to the Windpilot to operate when there is no wind. Inga (Brian & Coralie) have this system, so I will seek advice.

·         With the amount of cloudy days we had, particularly early on we struggled to get enough battery charging power form the solar panels and wind generator.We will look at fitting one of the new generation Aqua Generators. These are much ,ore efficient and easier to deploy and remove than our old Aquair aqua generator. They claim to give 10 amps at 6 knots and only result in 0.1knot drag.

·         We need to get the diesel generator fixed, but they are so unreliable that we cant depend on this, it will be a bonus if it is working.

·         We need to review how our twin headsails are set up and find a way to reduce the chaff on the sheets, although I have already made progress on this with the use of some additional blocks.


There are always things to do. Susan says I have too much time overnight to think about how to spend more money, but as Ian (Lucy Alice) says it is boat money, it doesn’t count!