Our first 150 knm Day (corrected)

David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Thu 27 Nov 2014 16:31
22.55.29N 21.49.65W

Well here we are into Day 4 already and enjoying the trip. We did quite a lot of motoring on Tuesday and didn’t manage to sail until 5.0pm. However we have been sailing constantly since then except for 1 hour when we were changing sails which involved swapping poles and the main boom. We managed 130 miles on both day 1 and 2, but managed a very good 154 miles on day 3 and have been making good progress since 9.30 this morning as well.


The overhead weather has been mixed with a lot of cloud, but it is very nice when the sun comes out. It is still pretty cool overnight and we are looking forward to warmer weather  and wearing less clothes, it is a bit of a hassle putting on and off lots of layers when you are doing short shifts through the night.



Our first sunset of the trip.



Susan in the pink!!!



Our overnight bunk, with Lee cloth to keep us in.


We saw quite a lot of ARC boats, mainly over 50’ from the racing division and with their spinakers flying, but haven’t seen any boats in the last 24 hours. Most of the boats we have seen are going the more Northerly route which is usually used by racing boats, who want to go fast and are less concerned with comfort. One of the boats we saw was called Juno and we talked to the owner in Las Palmas. It was a 4 month old Discovery 57 and was on its maiden voyage.


The wind generator stopped working on Tuesday, but after switching it off for a few hours it started again and has provided sufficient power overnight to handle the load from our instruments (~4 amps). I believe the problem is probably the on/off switch, so I will replace this in the Caribbean.


We are just emptying the bilges once per day, so our fix in Santa Cruz seems to have worked. I will replace the stuffing on the rudder in the Caribbean with new high tech stuff which should completely cure the issue.


Our Windpilot has been doing a great job steering the boat, with very little need for us to assist, which is why we call it Oscar – a star performer!!





Our normal sail plan with the large genoa poled out using the main boom and our ‘staysail poled out with a spinnaker pole. Using the main boom allows us to put out the full 140% genoa.




Well lets hope for many more days like we have had so far, the forecast looks like very light winds.