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David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Tue 25 Nov 2014 15:16
26.31.76N 18.18.28W
We set off on Monday morning at 9.30, just a couple of hours before the ARC which had been delayed from Sunday due to bad weather. After motoring for an hour out of harbour we set up the twin headsails and had a really good sail down the coast of Tenerife, in the sunshine. we managed to sail until 9.0 pm when the wind dropped, however after half an hour and a wind change we started sailing again and got through to 2.0 am when the wind dropped again. We have been motor sailing or motoring for the last 14 hours with very light and variable wind, however the sun is shining and we are making reasonable progress.
We have twice had dolphin shows and are now seeing quite a lot or ARC boats, mainly from the racing division so far. The activity makes the trip more enjoyable and we are both in good spirit.