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David & Susan Simpson
Sat 22 Nov 2014 14:43

28.28.05N 16.14.65W


We got the boat launched late on Tuesday morning (18th), too late to sail to Las Palmas on Tuesday, so we booked back in to the Santa Cruz marina and planned to go on Wednesday.



Enchantress fixed and antifouled.


The weather on Wednesday was pretty unpleasant and didn’t look good for the next few days, so we changed plans and booked on the ferry to las Palmas for Thursday.


I removed the watermaker from the boat and we took it on the ferry, it was pretty heavy but we tied it onto our shopping trolley. We were met at the ferry by Jim and Anne Macdonald who are the UK Schenker dealers and also our friends. We met Jim and Anne, along with their daughters Elizabeth and Emily on the ARC Europe rally in 2004 on their old boat Helice, which was a Westerly 33, very like our Westerly but a little shorter (Jim & Anne now have a Moody 42). Jim and Anne were in Las Palmas, along with 2 Schenker engineers, to assist any Arc boats with watermaker issues.


We took our watermaker on board a friend’s boat and the engineers completely stripped down the watermaker and did a major upgrade.



The watermaker in bits.


They found that the company in Marmaris, which did our major service over the winter, had done a complete botch job, using inferior parts, which had damaged the watermaker and only lasted long enough to make 200 litres of water. The parts for the upgrade and repairs amounted to €1900, however this was supplied free of charge in addition to all the labour. Well we did buy Jim and Anne coffee and a beer!


We have now refitted the system on Enchantress.



The refurbished watermaker back in place in the stern cabin.


The only significant item remaining on my job list is the diesel generator, which I have failed to get working again, however it is not essential and we will get someone to look at it in Antigua.


We have provisioned up the boat, with one last shop today for some meat items and a bit more bottled water.


The ARC is due to leave Gran Canaria on Sunday, however there are pretty strong gusts forecast for Sunday and pretty big seas. We intend leaving on Monday morning and the forecast looks pretty good for our route for the next week. We have tested the Satellite phone and it is working fine, so we should be able to update the blog every few days and of course download weather forecasts. Given fair winds we should get to Antigua sometime between 15th and 18th December.


We are out for dinner tonight and will have a quiet and probably sleepless night tomorrow (Sunday).