David & Susan's Adventures
David & Susan Simpson
Mon 17 Nov 2014 20:50

28.28.05N 16.14.65W


We finally (about the 8th Nov) got an engineer to look at the rudder leak problem and we agreed that the boat would have to be lifted out of the water to fix the problem. We then waited another few days and got lifted out on Thursday 13th. Work was extremely slow, until today Monday 17th when the engineer came up with a solution and now Monday night the repairs are all done and we will be launched tomorrow morning.


The problem was that the grease tube attached to the rudder stuffing box broke at the base where it was fibreglassed in to the top of the rudder. They had to dig away the fibreglass to get the broken bit out and then fit a new fitting and fill in the fribreglass. We will find out tomorrow if the leak is fixed!!!


We took the opportunity of being out of the water to do a few jobs:

·       We decided to put on some more antifouling (€390 for 2 x 2.5l tins). As you can see it is happy work for a volunteer!!


Quite a lot to go tho (see below).



·       I finished servicing the engine

·       I fitted a new keel cooler for the fridge, although it still needs to be connected – probably a professional job.


The boatyard was about 5km out of Santa Cruz so we got out the bikes and had a bit of keep fit b cycling into town most days(probably 7km to Carrefour which was at the opposite end of Santa Cruz.


Our boatyard time also coincided with Susan’s mum and friend’s visit (Iso), but Susan managed to see them on 3 days of their holiday and I managed a couple of dinners, one in Santa Cruz and one in Puerto de la Cruz, Wendy managed to book up a hotel 40km from Santa Cruz, but it was a very nice hotel and it actually worked out fine as both they and us probably saw more of Tenerife than we would if the hotel was in Santa Cruz.


We now plan to go to Las Palmas, either tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday and to anchor outside the marina. Our friend Jim will be there and he can arrange for Schenker technicians to come to our bat and to check over and fix our watermaker. I the anchorage is ok we will stay there until the ARC goes and we will either go at the same time or go into the marina for a day or two, depending on the weather forecast.


Our adventure is back on schedule !!!