The Family:Bertha and Claes, Scottish Ceilidh ,Tallisker at Isle of Skye July 2005(picture)

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Claes Brodin
Sun 12 Aug 2007 10:04

Bertha Brodin is originally from Saltillo (close to Monterey) in the North of Mexico.She came to Sweden as a guest researcher in 1986,met Claes and married in Mexico 1990.She made her PhD 1995,and now works as an associate professor in the molecular pathology/cancerresearch field at Karolinska Institute.

Bertha learned to sail when she met Claes and has gained considerable experience while longdistance sailing with Tarita,and while supporting the oldest son Felix on his dinghy racing all over Scandinavia. In 2001 Bertha passed the exam for a  Masters Certificate of Coastal Skipper(skepparexamen),and 2007 she took a short and long range certificate for radiocommunication ,at Stockholm Radio.

Claes Brodin was born in Sweden 1959.After graduating as a reserveofficer from the Marine Academy 1980,he sailed with his childhood friend in a 32-feet Scaninavian Doubleender to the Caribbean 1980-1981.During his universityperiod lots of sailingadventures in this doubleender took place,among others to Spitzbergen(Svalbard) 1985.Claes went through medical studies,and now works as a Consultant Surgeon(gastrointestinal surgery) in a County Hospital 100 km south of Stockholm.Apart from extensive  experience in longdistancesailing and formal degrees in navigation/communication from the Marine Academy, Claes worked temporarily as navigationteacher  in the 80`ies.

The family now lives in Trosa 70 km south of Stockholm.Trosa is a former fishing village by the Baltic Sea,but following the trend in the rest of the Western world,this former pittoresque fishing village now mainly depends on tourism.

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