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Date: 25 Jul 2008 22:55:00
Title: Short stay on Raiatea 16:44.550S 151:24.850W

After some very nice last days on Huahine,we left for Raiatea.The passage
over was smooth and comfortable,and we arrived in the marina an hour
before sunset.
Here we spent 2 days for laundry,filling up food supplies,cleaning the
boat,and bunker of water.Yesterday we left for Raiateas more famous
neighbour,Bora-Bora.We will revert to Raiateas beautiful northern
neighbour-Taha(the center of vanilla production in Polynesia)before
finally leaving Tarita at the shipyard of Chantier Naval on the west coast
of Raiatea.Airplane tickets from Raiatea to Tahiti are already booked for
August 16-the end?!?!.................

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