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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Dec 2014
Sat 27 Dec 03:37 Palm Beach, Pittwater, preparing to sail for Sydney tomorrow 33:35.70S 151:18.90E
Fri 19 Dec 00:41 anchored at Bobbin Head (near Empire Bay Marina). Beautiful. 33:39.40S 151:09.80E
Tue 16 Dec 00:36 Moored at Brookilin (near Hawkesbury River Station) 33:32.60S 151:13.80E
Mon 08 Dec 00:30 Port Stephens 32:43.50S 152:05.90E
Sat 06 Dec 10:24 Gold Coast, rain, thunder. 27:57.06S 153:25.33E
Tue 02 Dec 07:07 Arrived to Gold Coast, anchoring near Sea World.
Nov 2014
Sat 22 Nov 06:40 Tin Can Inlet 25:54.30S 153:01.10E
Thu 20 Nov 10:27 Anchored near Fraser Island 25:23.00S 153:01.70E
Sun 09 Nov 03:54 Arrived home! We are in Austrailia! 24:45.60S 152:23.30E
Sun 02 Nov 19:21 Just entered Hervey Bay, it is so big... 24:23.00S 153:02.00E
Sun 02 Nov 07:26 No wind now, but more coming at night 24:13.00S 154:09.00E
Sat 01 Nov 19:01 Were sailing all night. Into the wind... 23:58.00S 155:12.00E
Sat 01 Nov 02:34 Were sailing until now, wind dropped again. 23:48.00S 156:48.00E
Oct 2014
Fri 31 Oct 17:51 Finally feeling some wind, may be will sail today? 23:43.00S 157:35.00E
Fri 31 Oct 05:43 Forecasted useful wind tonight, we will see. 23:37.00S 158:49.00E
Thu 30 Oct 21:43 Still light wind, keeping motoring. 23:31.00S 159:34.00E
Thu 30 Oct 08:31 Feels like some wind returning, may be will sail tomorrow... 23:16.00S 160:51.00E
Thu 30 Oct 03:55 Still motoring. No wind. Sunny. Boring. 23:13.00S 161:16.00E
Tue 28 Oct 22:08 No wind, sunny, ocean like glass. Amazing. 22:45.00S 163:59.00E
Tue 28 Oct 05:13 Finally on our way to Australia. Pleased with good start. 22:28.00S 165:35.00E
Sun 19 Oct 06:02 Finally in Noumea. Can' blieve it, just one week of sailing left to home. 22:17.30S 166:26.00E
Sat 18 Oct 01:40 No wind, lazy ocean, motoring 5knots 22:08.00S 168:29.00E
Fri 17 Oct 08:05 Position report 21:37.00S 169:48.00E
Thu 16 Oct 22:34 Still windy and wavy. At least sunny now. 21:12.00S 170:34.00E
Thu 16 Oct 10:22 Showers, windy, dark... who said sailing was fun? 20:40.00S 171:33.00E
Wed 15 Oct 00:06 Position report 18:59.00S 174:44.00E
Wed 15 Oct 00:06 Position report 18:59.00S 174:44.00E
Tue 14 Oct 05:54 On our way to New Caledonia 18:18.00S 176:32.00E
Fri 10 Oct 07:53 Returned to Saweni bay, preparing for departure 17:38.60S 177:24.00E
Tue 07 Oct 10:19 Somosomo Bay, Meeting the locals, Kava Ceremony... 17:05.99S 177:15.89E
Sat 04 Oct 02:22 Arrived to Blue Lagoon. Will stay here for a few days. Very nice place. 16:56.60S 177:22.00E
Fri 03 Oct 02:18 On the way to our "holiday spot. Just caught a big barracuda, decided to stop for a feast. 17:06.36S 177:13.37E
Thu 02 Oct 02:32 Finally exploring Yasawa group. First overnight stop. 17:19.60S 177:07.90E
Sep 2014
Tue 30 Sep 04:48 Out of the marina, making plans where to go. 17:38.45S 177:23.68E
Tue 23 Sep 09:45 On the hard in Vuda Point Marina 17:41.00S 177:23.00E
Mon 22 Sep 05:14 Waiting for haulout at Vuda Point tomorrow 17:39.65S 177:23.00E
Thu 18 Sep 06:33 Western side of Viti Levu. Beautiful sunset. Best of all sunsets of this trip. 17:54.90S 177:16.00E
Tue 16 Sep 06:46 On the way to Western side. Beqa island, secluded anchorage. Alone. 18:23.14S 178:09.13E
Tue 16 Sep 06:45 Suva, doing formalities 18:07.00S 178:25.00E
Thu 11 Sep 07:00 Tomorrow should arrive to Suva. For now - motorsailing in light wind 18:27.00S 179:39.00W
Wed 10 Sep 07:07 Second day of sailing to Fiji. Will come close to the reefs in the morning 18:32.00S 177:20.00W
Tue 09 Sep 07:06 Tonga to Fiji, sailed all day until this point. There is not much wind. 18:37.00S 175:03.00W
Sun 07 Sep 02:57 Arrived to Tonga! 9 days as planned. 18:39.91S 174:00.52W
Fri 05 Sep 04:10 7 days. Sailing well, 240 miles left. 17:27.00S 170:04.00W
Thu 04 Sep 02:55 6 days, 14:00 boat time (UTC-11) sailing again in 15 knots, pleasant. 16:23.00S 167:29.00W
Wed 03 Sep 05:30 5 days are gone. 700 miles behind, 500 miles left. Heading for Vava'u group of Tonga 15:51.00S 165:51.00W
Tue 02 Sep 00:38 Finally sunny! Wind lighter and more into "our" direction. Heading for Tonga. 14:55.00S 163:23.00W
Mon 01 Sep 06:04 Making progress, first time we had sunshine and now moon and stars through the clouds. 15:04.00S 161:30.00W
Aug 2014
Sun 31 Aug 00:38 48 hours into the passage. 280 miles, not bad. Started curving the route towards Tonga. 15:17.00S 158:39.00W
Sat 30 Aug 04:41 On the way to Tonga (are we going through Suwarow?) 16:03.00S 156:39.00W
Sun 24 Aug 07:49 Maupihaa atoll. Wonderful place. 16:46.78S 153:57.07W
Sat 23 Aug 03:06 On our way to Maupihaa atoll. Caminante is behind us, can still see their sail. 16:34.70S 152:37.70W
Wed 13 Aug 05:44 Arrived to Bora Bora. Bora Bora! That's something.... 16:30.13S 151:45.40W
Tue 12 Aug 05:31 Moved to Tahaa island, closer to so called "coral gardens". Tomorrow will check it out and then sail to Bora Bora. 16:36.40S 151:33.50W
Sun 10 Aug 22:31 Riatea. One night of motorsailing due to lack of wind. 16:44.87S 151:29.68W
Tue 05 Aug 04:47 Moved to spectacular Moorea island. Just a few hours motorsailing (no wind today). 17:29.43S 149:51.10W
Jul 2014
Sat 05 Jul 04:26 Arried to Tahiti. TAHITI !!! 17:34.91S 149:37.22W
Thu 03 Jul 23:28 Second day of sailing to Tahiti, more waves and wind, thankfully now moderating to 15-2kt 16:14.70S 148:06.00W
Thu 03 Jul 06:09 On our way to Tahiti 15:09.00S 146:58.00W
Jun 2014
Sun 29 Jun 18:48 What a wonderful place.
Wed 25 Jun 00:38 Visiting a local family, what a beautiful sheltered anchorage, very welcoming people.
Mon 23 Jun 02:31 Finally at Ahe atoll. It is so peaceful and postcard like here! 14:32.30S 146:21.45W
Sun 22 Jun 00:45 99 miles left to sail. Hoping to be at Ahe in the morning. 13:16.00S 145:13.00W
Sat 21 Jun 02:58 Good progress today with 20kt wind most of the day. Passed 1/2 distance mark as planned in the morning. 12:05.00S 143:45.00W
Thu 19 Jun 19:05 Second day of sailing started, all is good with comfortable weather and small waves. 10:17.00S 141:40.00W
Thu 19 Jun 03:11 Finally sailng to Tuamotus! Nice weather, light winds. Hoping to get there in 4 days. 9:29.00S 140:45.00W
May 2014
Thu 29 May 06:56 We have arrived to Nuku Hiva! On the 26th of May. It took us 24 days from Galapagos. 8:54.00S 140:06.00W
Thu 22 May 22:22 After a breakdown in communicatios. Still sailing to Nuku Hiva, strong wind, waves, but making good progress. 8:23.00S 132:30.00W
Thu 15 May 02:06 Waves, waves. Last night met a big fisherman, they had huge floodlights on, but nonavigation lights, it was fun trying to figure out how to avoid him 5:55.00S 115:58.00W
Tue 13 May 22:51 Changed time again today, Australia 09:00 tomorrow - we 15:00 today. Sunny day with light winds, but the current is more than 1 kt (thanks Bob!) 5:55.00S 113:22.00W
Tue 13 May 01:00 Trade wind is pushing us pretty fast. Waves kept spoiling the enjoyment but in the afternoon calmed down a little. 5:55.00S 111:23.00W
Mon 12 May 03:31 Sunny almost rlaxing sailing day, sometimes wind and waves increased, sometimes slowed. 5:51.00S 109:11.00W
Sun 11 May 00:44 Cause for celebration on day 9 - 1000 miles from Galapagos! Only two thousand more to go. 5:29.00S 106:33.00W
Sat 10 May 00:56 7 nights, 7 days and 860 miles behind us. Another windy and "wavy" day, but we are doing well, making god progress. Will be trying to get more South 4:50.00S 104:07.00W
Fri 09 May 02:02 All was good, but today the wind and waves returned to make us a little more uncomfortable. We had a couple of days break tough, can't complain. 4:41.00S 102:08.00W
Thu 08 May 01:12 It was a pleasant day with many small tasks accomplished in the boat. Light winds but god enough to push us at about 5kn with small useful current. 4:33.00S 100:00.00W
Wed 07 May 00:17 It was a day of light wind. Finally we had a break from "real sailing" and enjoyed some fresh nice food (barbequed king mackarel, fresh bread, etc.) 4:27.00S 98:06.00W
Mon 05 May 23:14 Waves and wind dropped the quality of life on board, but we are progressing forward. It will get better. 3:40.00S 96:04.00W
Sun 04 May 16:11 A few pictures from Galapagos 2:33.00S 93:20.00W
Sat 03 May 23:02 First day of our big journey. Enjoying some blue sky patches after lots of rain overnight. Doing 5.5 to 6kn SOG with useful current. 1:25.00S 91:29.00W
Sat 03 May 03:19 Today we started our journey to Marquesas islands 0:52.00S 90:32.00W
Thu 01 May 00:32 We made it to Galapagos! 8 days and 8 hours exactly. 0:53.71S 89:36.86W
Thu 01 May 00:31 Crossing the equator at 04:32 local time 88 deg. 54min longitude 0:00.10N 88:54.00W
Apr 2014
Wed 30 Apr 00:11 100 miles left to San Cristobal island (Galapagos)! Tomorrow we hope to be there. Current is finally with us too. 0:36.00N 88:28.00W
Mon 28 Apr 21:27 Another day of good sailing progress (and we don't even mind beating into the wind). Blue sky, happy cumulus clouds. 1:46.00N 86:43.00W
Mon 28 Apr 01:12 Finally good day of sailing in 15kn winds. And good weather too with blue sky and happy looking cumulus clouds 2:46.00N 85:43.00W
Sun 27 Apr 02:17 Four days at sea passed. Dodged many squalls but two got us today. At least the boat is clean now. 3:52.00N 84:34.00W
Thu 24 Apr 23:21 Preparing for the third night at sea. Clouds everywhere, looks like we will have to sail actively again. 5:53.00N 82:54.00W
Thu 24 Apr 02:58 Winds are light and variable, I think we will spend many days at sea. 6:40.00N 81:13.95W
Tue 22 Apr 02:39 Anchored at Isla San Jose, ready to set sail for Galapagos (if the weather forecast does not change much) 8:15.43N 79:05.37W
Mon 07 Apr 12:58 Still enjoying Las Perlas
Sat 05 Apr 23:24 Returned to Contadora for fuel adn water, lots of adventures on the way 8:37.39N 79:02.07W
Wed 02 Apr 02:10 On our way back to Chapera (for internet and refilling water) bought a tasty Dorado. Staying overnight in a windy place 8:22.09N 78:49.22W
Mar 2014
Sun 30 Mar 22:24 Enjoying Isla del Ray, smooth anchorage, coconut palm beach (so tasty coconuts), lost some skin getting them from the trees. Totally worth it! 8:18.25N 78:54.11W
Sat 29 Mar 01:38 Looking for a beach with palm trees. This seems to be difficult here. Will continue tomorrow. 8:27.53N 78:59.75W
Wed 26 Mar 01:55 Arrived to Las Perlas! Postcard type tropical paradise, what a contrast after Panama City 8:35.02N 79:01.21W
Sat 22 Mar 01:58 Anchored at La Playita anchorage, will finish provisioning before the big trip 8:54.64N 79:31.54W
Sat 22 Mar 01:57 Panama Canal live web camera
Sat 22 Mar 01:56 Panama Canal Day two
Sat 22 Mar 01:48 Panama Canal Day (night) one.
Sat 22 Mar 01:37 Preparing for Panama Canal and Pacific
Thu 13 Mar 02:38 Panama. Boat is ready, just need to do the provisioning and ready for the Canal to the Pacific. All goes as planned. More or less.
Sun 09 Mar 21:53 Shelter Bay Marina (Colon): getting ready
Aug 2013
Tue 20 Aug 10:35 Arrived to Shelter Bay Marina 09:22.6N 79:57.2W 9:22.61N 79:57.40W
Tue 20 Aug 04:02 09:40N 79:40W 9:40.00N 79:40.00W
Tue 20 Aug 00:23 Almost calm, full moon above. Yet thunder aand lighning above land (port) and cumulus starboard 9:47.00N 79:16.00W
Mon 19 Aug 19:55 09:45N 78:47W course on Punta Manzanillo wey point ETA 04:00 9:45.00N 78:47.00W
Mon 19 Aug 17:19 Wind 15kn after long squall, decent waves on our beam motorsailing 09:40N 078:31W 9:40.00N 78:31.00W
Mon 19 Aug 06:19 Squall coming 09:18N 77:26W 9:18.00N 77:26.00W
Mon 19 Aug 03:18 A lot of lightning activity on starboard 09:29N 77:08W 9:29.00N 77:08.00W
Sun 18 Aug 21:09 Moonlight, but huge cumulus nimbus port and starboard 09:48N 76:34W 9:48.00N 76:34.00W
Sun 18 Aug 14:45 Motoring to Panama, wind too weak 10:08.0N 76:02.0W 10:08.00N 76:02.00W
Fri 09 Aug 18:20 Anchored near Club Nautico Cartagena 10:24.35N 75:32.33W 10:24.35N 75:32.33W
Fri 09 Aug 08:57 Beating against very strong wind and large waves t Cartahena 11:08.00N 75:48.00W
Fri 09 Aug 04:00 Can't continue, wall of lightning ahead and on the sides. Diverting to Cartagena 11:22.2N 75:53.3W 11:22.20N 75:53.30W
Fri 09 Aug 00:15 Rain, huge spectacular lightning show ahead and port, startng starboard too. 11:29.00N 75:29.00W
Thu 08 Aug 13:15 Light winds, will soon start motoring 11:47.0N 74:31.0W 11:47.00N 74:31.00W
Thu 08 Aug 07:00 Wind 15-20kn, waves 2m running under jib 12:06.0N 74:08.0W 12:06.00N 74:08.00W
Wed 07 Aug 18:15 Wind more than predicted 20kn, decent waves, running under heavily reefed job only 12:30.00N 73:06.00W
Tue 06 Aug 19:08 Sailing to Panama, all well 13:06.0N 71:10.0W 13:06.00N 71:10.00W
Mon 05 Aug 11:34 Started sailing from Bonaire to Panama 12:14.4N 68:25.9W 12:14.40N 68:25.90W
Sun 04 Aug 06:15 Family is flying home. Continue with dad.
Jul 2013
Wed 03 Jul 00:00 Arriving to Kralendijk, Bonaire, catching mooring buoy right near town. Beautiful. 12:09.37N 68:16.59W
Jun 2013
Sun 30 Jun 07:00 Left Prickly Bay, sailing to Bonaire
Sun 09 Jun 11:00 Sailed to Prickly Bay for repairs 11:59.8N 61:45.8W 11:59.80N 61:45.80W
Sat 08 Jun 07:30 Arrived to Grenada, st. Georges Bay 12:02.5N 61:45.7W 12:02.50N 61:45.70W
Fri 07 Jun 12:00 Propeller Lost after dodgy repairs in St Lucia 13:08.9N 62:39.0W 13:08.90N 62:39.00W
Mon 03 Jun 00:46 Pictures from Montserrat - that volcano is still steaming...
Mon 03 Jun 00:44 Pictures St. Kitts and Nevis part 2
Mon 03 Jun 00:43 Pictures St. Kitts and Nevis part 1
May 2013
Mon 27 May 02:07 Arrived to St. Lucia, great anchorage in Rodney Harbour (windy though) 14:04.5N 60:57.66W 14:04.50N 60:57.66W
Sat 25 May 21:39 pics Carnival in St Martin part last
Sat 25 May 21:37 pics Carnival in St Martin part 3
Sat 25 May 21:35 pics Carnival in St Martin part 2
Sat 25 May 21:33 Pics Carnival in St Martin part 1
Sat 25 May 21:26 Still in Martinique preparing to sail for St Lucia 14:33.3N 61:03.35W 14:33.30N 61:03.35W
Fri 24 May 16:46 pics in St Martin with new friends part 2
Fri 24 May 16:44 pics in St Martin with new friends
Fri 24 May 16:44 pics in St Martin with new friends
Fri 24 May 16:38 Pics Brizo sails from Tortola to St Martin
Fri 24 May 16:37 pics Tortola Getting to know Brizo part 3
Fri 24 May 16:36 Pics Tortola getting to know Brizo part 2
Fri 24 May 16:34 Pics Tortola - getting to know Brizo
Fri 24 May 16:25 Pictuers To Torlola via Disneyland part 2
Fri 24 May 16:23 Pictures To Tortola via Disneyland in LOs Angeles
Wed 22 May 00:32 14:44.6N 61:10.7W 14:44.60N 61:10.70W
Mon 20 May 03:33 15:34.85N 61:27.75W 15:34.85N 61:27.75W
Thu 16 May 23:39 15:52.3N 61:35.2W 15:52.30N 61:35.20W
Thu 16 May 01:02 16:10.4N 61:46.9W 16:10.40N 61:46.90W
Wed 15 May 02:24 Just arrived to Monserrat
Wed 15 May 02:23 Pictures from St. Martin
Wed 15 May 02:23 Pictures from St.Kitts and Nevis
Wed 15 May 01:28 16:48.3N 62:12.5W 16:48.30N 62:12.50W
Mon 13 May 02:34 17:09.06N 62:37.87W 17:09.06N 62:37.87W
Sun 12 May 03:16 17:15.00N 62:39.6W 17:15.00N 62:39.60W
Wed 08 May 13:47 17:55.5N 62:52.2W 17:55.50N 62:52.20W
Apr 2013
Fri 26 Apr 07:08 18:03.02N 64:59.52W 18:03.02N 63:00.07W
Thu 25 Apr 11:19 18:25.53N 64:37.23W 18:25.53N 64:37.23W