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Date: 11 Feb 2013 00:34:48
Title: 14 days out of Mindelo and a whale of a time

Sunday, 10 February, 2013


13 20N 057 34W


The wind has continued to lessen to the point that we’re close to putting the engine on and motoring the rest of the 130 miles into Bridgetown. We were considering going around the north of Barbados to stop at St Charles Port, a more convenient marina, to clear customs and fill up on diesel, but we’ll be pushing it to make it there before they close for the day and to clear back out upon departure a sail back would take Diatonic 15 miles in the wrong direction.


Yesterday a Minke Whale tried all his best moves on us. For three hours he followed Diatonic, surfing through the waves to pick up speed and coast alongside, turning under the water to show us his white belly and then dive down and around to repeat the same maneuver.


The lone whale, at least 10 metres long, was clearly inquisitive, doing his best to get a response out of us, including singing. Tony replied, letting out a long groan, caused by a fall through a hatch and onto his ribs. He was out of commission for the rest of the day, but thanks to a rainbow of painkillers and anti-inflammatories, and a good night’s rest he was back on his feet the next day, ready for the last supper of the trip.


Barrie outdid himself again, conjuring up a delicious steak pie, using up the last of the butter and fresh vegetables in the process. It was a fantastic winter meal to get Barrie in the right frame of mind to fly back to the cold and rain of the UK on Tuesday but the rum and jerk chicken waiting for us in Barbados might make him forgetful.

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