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Date: 02 Dec 2009 18:00:00
Title: Overworked in the Atlantic

20 17.1N 33 36.3W
1200 hrs UTC December 2nd 2009 - 1080 miles done - 1550 miles to go.
Well! That beats all. We had to get out the mainsail in the night and go on a broad reach. Talk about work.
Yesterday severall rain squalls came through but generally there was no increase in the 12 knot NE wind. Our speeds were reduced to about 5.5 knots but overnight the wind veered to SE 2 and therefore motored for about 3 hours which helped charge the batteries. The wind later increased to 23 knots calling for the sail change but exhillarating sailing at 8 knots on a broad reach. This morning we have had to change back to the twins when the wind backed to NE 15knots but still making 7 knots. Oh! Bob had to tie the boom down again. Apart from this hard work the sailing is idyllic.
The weather patterns are a bit changeable with 2 highs merging just north of us so going south to avoid getting in the calm zones. However don't wish to go too far south since there are some squally depressions moving NW towards us from the Tropical Convergence
Zone and which are expected to bring some 35 knot winds for a short time.
Everyone eating well. Todays menus:   Breakfast of beans on toast (Bob), lunch is Dorado on toast with fresh tomato (John) followed by peaches and condensed milk (Bob), yummy Tonight, Jamie Oliver Burgers and chunky chips (Tony). (after G & T's of course).
It is luxury to have showers every other day. The water maker is run for 2 or 3 hours every day. to fill up the 200 litre aft tank. We don't touch the 200 litre forward tank. The beer is slowly going down but should last.
Had an email today from fellow Cruising Association members Moonshadow Star, old friends whom we met in Turkey and Gran Canaria. They are leaving Gomera today and we emailed back to tell them they have no chance of catching us so they will be buying the beers on the beach.
Amazingly we are not getting through many books since we are on the go a lot. This does stop us getting bored. Our MP3 players on night watches are good company.
Hope you understand how hard it is out here but we will survive.
Will update again in 2 or 3 days

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