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Date: 09 Dec 2009 00:07:08
Title: Whales in the Atlantic

16 07N 47 49.6W
1200 hrs UTC 8th Dexc 2009 Just 700 miles to go
The trade winds are still with us and blowing 15 to22 knots but varying in direction from NE to SE  and this is causing some disturbed seas. These cross seas and possibly currents really knocked Diatonic around the night before last when none of us got any real sleep. Consequently any time someone went on deck last night all they could hear was the watchkeeper snoring.
Yesterday was exciting since we had a couple of whales swimming alongside and surfacing every 4 or 5 minutes to breathe. We were a bit concerned so in the end told them to bugger off, Diatonic already has a boy freind. The dolphins have been back and sometimes play for a couple of hours.
More excitement yeterday when we sighted a dipping light in the evening which this morning materialises into a yacht after we slowed downto let them catch up. Not able to reach him by VHF so went off on our way.
Still have 7 eggs and some bacon left so enjoying breakfast but the last 2 loaves of bread are mouldy. We have some long life baguettes that we can put in the oven and can also make some bread if desperate enough. Expecting to arrive in Barbados early hours Sunday.
Boat is OK and cruising at 6 to 7 knots in the daytime but reefing the twins at night for a bit of comfort.
Despite the wind it is very hot today and we are all just lazing around waiting for somebody to make the effort and get lunch. Will probably end up with a beer or 2. Time now for plenty of reading but we fall asleep after 2 pages.
Next blog 2 days from Barbados

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