logo Round the World Flight with HB-PON 2008/09
Date: 03 Feb 2009 05:48:00
Title: 36 TAHITI, FRENCH POLYNESIA - End of Stage 2



Exploring Tahiti and the neighbouring Islands.

With our rented car, Manfred and I undertook a day's trip around the interesting island
of Tahiti, and this in the clockwise sense.


The government house in the centre of the capital city Papeete


What a nice four master at the harbour of Papeete

As the Island is of volcanic origin, with steep and high mountains in the center, only a
elatively small band of land on the shore is acessible and populated.
Good roads and lots of intense traffic in and around the modern capital Papeete.


The south coast


Breadfruit plantation (remember the Bounty! )


Intense rain, as we drove up as far as we could

Back at  the Intercontinental hotel where we stay at the Air Crew rate, we  benefit from
the nice set- up of the Resort and  a local dance show in the evening.


Local dance show

Yesterday afternoon, I got the chance to participate on a flight, touring the neighbouring
islands in a brand new Australian built GA8 AIRVAN


The Australian built GA8 AIRVAN

This aircraft was ferried from Australia, and arrived here the same day as we did.

This rugged and high performance aircraft, will be used mainly to build up a new resort
on TETIARORA, the atoll which used to belong to well known Marlon Brando.


Inside this Airborne Range Rover


The sister island of Tahiti  - MOOREA


Coastline of Moorea

This was Stage 2 of our Round the world flight

Manfred and I have decided to end the Stage 2 of our Round the world
flight here in French Polinesia and return back to Australia, respectively
Switzerland for some weeks to work, before we will continue Stage 3 to
Easter Island, Santiago in Chile, Peru, Equador, Panama, the Domenican
Republic, the Bahamas, and finally to Florida USA.

Here again we plan to  leave HB-PON for a few weeks, before we will
fly home across the North Atlantic via the Acore Islands to Portugal,
Gibraltar, and to finally reach its home base, La Cote Airfield on the shores
of lake Geneva in Switzerland this coming spring.

Stay tuned!

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