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Date: 16 Aug 2016 23:37:00
Title: To Kroko Atoll

To Kroko Atoll
IMG_2132  IMG_2133
Up and ready to leave by half past seven for the hundred and fifty mile journey, almost due south, to Kroko Atoll. A local lady complete with sail waved in bon voyage fashion. Main up and genoa out as soon as we were out of the atoll and in deep water. The engine had to stay on for an hour as we had to punch through wind over tide to clear the bottom of the atoll, once in clear ocean we enjoyed perfect sailing conditions, a little too much lean to the right to manage backgammon so we settled to an afternoon of Tri-ominoes.
IMG_2134  IMG_2135
Bear took some steep losses but he remains in the lead. Growl. He enjoyed afternoon Zzzzz’s as I became absorbed listening to The Wrong Door. Not sure about the peg-tooth-look and my how fast his beard grows, note to self – get the mower out in Kroko.
A gentle approach to nightfall as opposed to a sunset.
IMG_2139  IMG_2141  IMG_2144
I had quite a bright moon that dodged behind a cloud before rising high in the sky. 
IMG_2149  IMG_2153
At five in the morning we had thirty odd miles to go. Out to my left I had seen a dark blob from about three o’clock, as I went to bed at six the active volcano Mount Komba was clear to see.
I came on duty at six to a slight sulphur taint on the air, but looking out a bit of a wow.
For a split second I had the sunrise.
IMG_2165  IMG_2167
We both now feel that we are cruising, a couple of friends nearby but away from the herd. We will meet up with a handful of boats and enjoy Kroko Atoll and find a couple of non-rally stops before Maumere and the next round of festivities, but for now I sit alone and enjoy the view.
IMG_2171  IMG_2168  IMG_2172
All too soon I’m dragged from my wistful thinking as things on the AIS became a bit busy. Chums coming from both directions, Ocean Progress on course – uncomfortably so for a meeting with Beez Neez, time to make a few degree change in course. I took pictures of both chums details for Pepe’s collection.
IMG_2183  IMG_2182
Pepe will be sad to have missed this – Ocean Progress from the left and OOCL Houston from the right.
IMG_2185  IMG_2186
I got up at ten to find Bear brimming with his chum adventures, indeed I was sad to have missed the fun but what a view to look out to, yet another active volcano. Looking at the chartplotter, just seven miles to go, time for a couple of games after breakfast.
Following Wishful Thinking around the fringing reef to a fabulous anchorage, it will be lovely to catch up with this select group.
IMG_2193  IMG_2189  IMG_2190
Views on our way in, so many potential spots to snorkel.
We find fourteen metres to anchor in, just a dozen rally boats here all invited to Michael’s birthday bash on the little sand island just in front of us at four o’clock, time for a snorkel. A local boat filled with giggling children call “hello Mister”. We are going to enjoy our stay here, that’s for sure. A perfect spot.

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