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Date: 05 Jul 2003 21:43:07
Title: Southern Hemisphere

At 04:21 on Friday 4th July, Avalon and crew crossed the Equator and sailed into the South Pacific Ocean. Bec jumped out of bed to take this lovely snap shot of G drinking a celebratory hot chocolate before going back to sleep. The event was somewhat subdued as we were only several miles of the coast motor sailing south to give us a better angle at heading out to the Galapagos.
By that afternoon we arrived in Manta, a large well protected fishing port. While trying to find the yacht club to anchor off we had to zig zag around and past more fishing boats anchored than we have seen in any port in any country of the world!!
These photos don't show the many hundred of boats anchored in the harbour that completely block access to the brand new yacht club building where we found enough space to anchor (Bow and stern)  Water taxies ferry fishermen out to there boats around the clock. 

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