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Date: 09 Jul 2015 03:03:00
Title: Thursday 9th July 2015 – Just One Small Snag

Thursday 9th July 2015 – Just One Small Snag

The weather is doing pretty much as advertised and had we left yesterday (as planned) and steered about 10 degrees east of the rhumb line (until the wind backed to E or thereabouts around Saturday) we would have reckoned on a reasonable passage to Fiji given that Arnamentia does get a move on – at least in cruising yacht terms she does.

But, Jon has gradually become bothered by what appears to be increasing breathlessness when climbing hills or other steep slopes.  Used not to be the case and not so very long ago.  So, he went to the local surgery on Monday and explained the issue.  They referred him to a local radiology clinic which took a couple of X- rays of his lungs.  All did not appear to be well – a shadow in the right lung and a right diaphragm that appears not to be pulling down as it ought.  Off then, later that day, to Whangarei - a little over an hour away - to see a specialist (not much encouragement there, which does not mean he didn’t know precisely what he was talking about) and now an appointment on Tuesday 14th in Auckland for a couple of more definitive scans.

So, all is up in the air at the moment.  Absolutely no idea what the future holds or what our plans might turn out to be.

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