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Date: 21 Nov 2014 17:40:11
Title: It's windy

17:11.924 N 049:10.475 W


A little windy changed into WINDY. TWS 30 knots with gust up to 38 knots (force 7/8). We dropped the mainsail and cruising along on the Genoa. Our top speed for the day is 14,1 knots, surfing down on one of this massive waves. Amanzi is doing great! She struggles sometimes to get on top of the waves, she never gives up. The ocean looks beautiful!

For the most sleeping is a little difficult. When you wake up you feel like you been to a late party. Making tea is a challenge as well opening cupboards. There are no relax toilet moments anymore as a waves can let you jump of it, without asking if you are ready or not. Think we don’t need to do any fitness exercises for the next week. Even sitting on your bum takes some effort. We gave up fishing as our speed is to high and we think there isn’t a fish that likes to do a competition with us.  Not sure how long it will stay this windy as the weather forecast only promised us up to 20 knots for the next days.


Amanzi standby till our next blog.

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