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Date: 29 Aug 2007 19:10:00
Title: Cala Mondrago

Having spent a couple of nights in Santa Ponsa we set off to find a nice little bay to anchor in in the general direction of Menorca.  We set off just before 10 and Richard yet again had the fishing line out. The visibility wasn’t great and we didn’t see much as we crossed Palma bay however… we caught a tuna!!!


 There really are fish in the Med!


We were totally stunned as we had been trying to catch anything since leaving UK.

As it was a bit difficult to try gutting etc whilst on the move we put the fish in a bucket of seawater and kept refilling it as the day went on. Finally we anchored in a lovely little bay Cala Mondrago.  It was still rather windy even when we anchored but Richard was able to gut our fish.  We thought it enormous until we tried cutting it into steaks.


 22 inches and 4lb 12oz !


Anyway to cut a long story short Richard managed to fillet it and we cooked one half that evening.  Sadly we were a bit disappointed with the flavour as it tasted rather like tinned tuna but perhaps we’ll find another recipe.


The bay we were in looked a beautiful place to snorkel as the water was crystal clear and vivid turquoise in parts so we thought that we would investigate that and have a trip ashore in the morning when we hoped it would be calmer.  Wrong! Morning dawned and as usual the wind had gone round and there was also quite a swell. Time to make a quick exit.


Distance run 40.60nM    Cumulative total  2066.90nM



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