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Date: 22 Jul 2007 18:45:00
Title: Mazagon

We had a lovely sail down from Ayamonte to Mazagon and arrive there at 5:45 in the evening.  The entrance to the marina lies off the Ria de Huelva and as it was a Sunday evening there were a number of boats heading up the river and into the marina. We finally managed to get onto the reception pontoon just behind a large wooden sailing boat.


  It really was busy – honestly.


Mazagon is a very Spanish town which certainly doesn’t cater for the English.   Having assembled the bikes we set off up the hill to tangle with the local supermarket. This was a feat in itself as it took about an hour to just get to the head of the queue to be served at the fruit and vegetable counter!  Having forgotten to ask for lemons when it was my turn I certainly didn’t bother to queue up again.


We hadn’t intended to stay for more than one night but fortunately we did as otherwise we would not have met Marie, Christophe, Ulli and Rosa.  Well that’s not strictly true, we had met Marie when we arrived together with Cheyenne who is the sweetest little dog.


 Me, Ulli, Marie (with Cheyenne), Christophe (It’s not my dog!)



We spent a really good evening on Marie and Christophe’s boat laughing ourselves to a standstill! Thanks again Marie!



Distance run 30.61nM   Cumulative total 1406.86nM


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