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Date: 20 Jul 2007 18:38:00
Title: Ayamonte

After leaving Vilamoura we decided that we would head across the border into Spain and see if we could get on the internet at the first marina there.  We passed Faro on our way along the coast. We decided that it was obviously a good resort for plane spotters as the beach is right next to the airport. 

Our next stop was Ayamonte which is on the eastern side of the Rio Guadiana which marks the border between Portugal and Spain.  The entrance to the river can be quite tricky in windy conditions as it is quite shallow and we were glad once in the shelter of the mole. There is another marina on the Portuguese side of the river but we decided that we might have more luck with wifi in Spain - wrong! We discovered later that we would have had wifi on the Portuguese side.  However we did like Ayamonte apart from the all night discotheque which was still booming on Sunday morning at 9 am!!!


 Entrance to the marina with the disco just behind the palm trees…


 Yes, Richard is still here!



Distance run 38.45nM    Cumulative total 1376.25nM

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