Date: 03 Aug 2013 23:15:58
Title: Heading North and getting wet

In position 35:55.30N, 076:01.00W
Delayed departure from Oriental due to a very dismal August 1st but we shouldn't have worried too much as the last two afternoons have been equally as wet and miserable with late afternoon thunderstorms in each location we've found ourselves anchoring in. Now we know why we liked it so much in Oriental! We were tied safely to a dock for two months and didn't care about the weather very much!
We are now anchored at the mouth of the Alligator River just inside the Little Alligator River which is shallow and full of crab pots. The 'mother' of all thunderstorms rattled through earlier with impressive forked lightening and torrential rain as a very strong cold front moves off the coast. We'll cross the Albermarle Sound tomorrow before the wind swings into the north and onwards towards Norfolk - scratching our bug bites as we go.

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