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Date: 05 Jun 2014 12:27:08
Title: 12 38 N 61 23 W Mayreau - Canouan

12 38 N 61 23 W Wednesday4th June

After leaving Bequia we stopped at Canouan, our neighbours Miss Molly came in shortly after us, we had a nice sail at last although leaving Bequia was a little lumpy. Canouan was just a short stay 2 nights we didn't go ashore. so it was off to Mayreau, the anchorage Saltwhistle was busy and there are too many buoys to be comfortable so we came into Saline Bay.
Saline Bay is quite pretty with a palm fringed beach. We were approached by a boat boy Ralph who said he could get us provisions so we enquired about some fish. He returned later with a chest full of red snapper, we bought a 2 and a half pound one, Don cleaned it and filleted it, I served half of it with Spanish rice, sautéed peppers onions and courgettes,  "yummy"

The weird thing is, there is only one other yacht here, and thankfully the bullet picked up an unlocked internet signal so I managed to get our e-mails and write this blog, great.

Next stop Clifton on Union island to clear out.


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