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Date: 12 Jan 2013 15:25:20
Title: 17 19N 24 37W

Still making progress towards Mindelo (Cape Verdes).  Wind has dropped in the last 24 hours to less than 10 knts so headway has now slowed down a bit, meaning that we will not be in Mindelo today as expected.  We intend to be in port tomorrow morning.
During my watch last night, noticed something wizzing past my head at great speed and land at my feet.  After returning to deck level from the seat I had jumped on to, discovered that our new guest was a flying fish that had lost its way.  A bit frustrating after trying to catch fish for the last four days with traditional rod and line to find fish committing suicide at our feet.  Karen did a runner and went below immediately after this event.
Dolphins yesterday and Pilot Whales today, great to see.
Getting very hot now but the nights are still cool.  Looking forward to a ‘Hollywood’ shower and a cold beer when we get alongside.
Agua Therapy.
Don, Glenys, Karen & Ern.

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