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Date: 17 May 2014 13:09:07
Title: Re: 15 17 N 61 22 W Portsmouth Prince Rupert Bay Sunday 27th April.

Dominica our second visit.
Sunday 27th April. 
Portsmouth Prince Rupert Bay.
15 17 N 61 22 W

Last season we came to Prince Rupert Bay and took a mooring, the place looks the same but many boats anchor instead of a mooring. Its a shame when folks anchor as the moorings are very cheap at 25 EC a night  and when boats are at anchor the chain destroys the sea grass and food for the turtles. In this bay the moorings are controlled by PAYS an organisation which has boats patrolling for security, they organise a great barbecue on Sunday and Wednesday nights, lots of rum punch chicken, fish and salads. Music too lots of dancing going on, a great place to meet other cruisers. 

The dinghy docks were not in a very good state and are in need of repair, having a surge pushing all directions it can be difficult landing. (for cruisers that haven't been there yet)
Prince Rupert Bay is over 2 miles long and a mile deep most boats choose the end near "the Cabrits" where you come in from the northern end like us.

Customs and clearing in is easy and no need to check out if you stay for up to two weeks so its just one visit. Diving is only allowed with dive companies, whales are seen here and they say to keep at least 200 yards away, I doubt we would like to be anywhere near that although it would have been good to see them.

This time we didn't get into town or visit the market we bought fruit from the boat boys, the bananas are fantastic, its a shame the grapefruit are out of season as they are the best we have ever tasted.

Portsmouth would have been the islands capital but for the swamps as years ago yellow fever and malaria was rife. Having said that one of the oldest people in the world lived here she was Elizabeth Pampo Israel she died at 128 years old. 

Indian River was used for part of the Pirates of the Caribbean film, it was our plan to visit this time but after a bad night rolling about that plan was aborted oh well next time.

Limes were one of the main exports for years as were bananas from here Geest were the company we did see Geest export other things too all over the world to and from here.  So was sugar, coffee and cocoa.

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