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Date: 17 May 2014 12:55:26
Title: 15 52 N 61 35 W Friday 25th April The Saintes

The Saintes

The Saintes
15 52 N 61 35 W
Friday 25th April

We had departed Guadalupe at 05:40 as we had heard that moorings in the Saintes were being taken up very early so we needed to set sail asap.
Crossing in between the islands can be boring or exciting depending on the sea state and winds which can accelerate caused by whatever is going on out in the Atlantic, this time it was very fluky, winds between 5 - 16 knots but eventually due to the wind direction we used the iron horse to take us into The Saintes. 

Took up a mooring as now its not allowed to anchor here except way outside the bay which would make a long dinghy ride into town, however there were quite a few available even later in the afternoon.

Governed by the French, a pretty place with lots of colour the tourists being cruisers and folks from Guadalupe on the fast ferry.
This is our second visit, we came here last season and enjoyed our stay. I had promised myself a real crepe as last time I didn't get one, wow it was good. No shopping this time in Mahogany the amazing boutique where we spent a fortune last year.
The local church
Looks like he has been waiting a long time for a table
Our lunchtime view

Not a big place this is the main street
No need to check in here as we were still covered by the Guadalupe clearance, we knew where to go to check out which is just a pc inside a laundry, weird.

Its not exactly a big place, we walked around the main street and found the supermarket for a few fresh goodies, had a lovely lunch overlooking the anchorage and just chilled out.

Looking at the weather for our next trip, its roughly 21 miles to our next stop Dominica, again going through the "funnel" 

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