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Date: 18 Mar 2014 13:07:59

18 02 N 63 05 W

We arrived here on the 11th of February and its now the 18th of March, time flies and all that. Don spent 16 days in the UK attending to his Mums affairs she passed away the first week of February.  
So I was alone but tucked up in the Simpson Bay Marina, its quite close to the airport and noisy jets fly over most of the day but thankfully they stop at night.
The water maker had packed in and the parts were shipped to the UK so when Don returned here he fixed the beast.
Since St Maarten is a good place to make repairs or buy "bits" we have been busy on the "snag list" its the little things that nags us constantly not just the upgrading.

St Maarten verdict, well the plus is on the Dutch side they speak English, the duty free electrical things are ok not as cheap as they used to be. You can buy most things, at a price that is. I examine prices for everything or you can pay as much as 11 $ for a lettuce, rum at 9 $ no contest is there.

On both sides of St Maarten but more so the Dutch they seem to have forgotten to have pavements, just dusty tracks with potholes which fill with rain, open rubbish containers so it can be smelly.

The bonus is the busses are cheap you just flag them down and say "buss stop" when you want to get off.

On the French side, its Euros, people start to talk in French but they do use English too. Not exactly cheap but its ok, some nice places to eat on the small marina side in Marigot.

We plan to leave here in the next couple of days for St Barts, afterwards Antigua but ay go to St Kitts to get a better sail. 
All being well there should be no overnighters.

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