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Date: 20 Dec 2013 12:53:40
Title: 18 21N 64 44W arrived yesterday

Well we arrived in the Virgin Isles yesterday after a gruelling night of squalls, I guess this was the final test for us, very little sleep, 31 knot winds, horizontal rain, and both of us soaked to the skin. The only good bit was at times the howling wind was actually blowing us in the right direction speeding us to St John. Well no thats not strictly true, as daylight came, my watch we were joined by dolphins, it was a fantastic sunrise with dolphins to welcome us, when Don looked he said it made it all worth it, Ugh!
We were so relieved to see land, both of us were pretty exhausted but still had to negotiate through into the anchorage Francis Bay, a national park, we chose here as we have been to it before and know its very well protected and has mooring buoys. The anchorage wasn't too busy when we arrived but has filled up as the day went on mostly charter boats, catamarans and monohulls, lots of kids jumping in and swinging from the poles and ropes. However we are far enough away not to be bothered by them. This place only has a couple of beaches but nothing on them, no shops, no bars and there is nowhere to checkin, the closest place is Cruz bay which is a difficult place to go with our draught so we won't be going ashore yet we plan just to rest and recover. 
Don took out the barbecue and we ate italian sausages which were yummy after eating what we call "soup mix" for 15 days. The teriyaki chicken will have to wait I was way too tired. As it went dark a few of the boats are well dressed for christmas, one just looks like a green tree, oh well takes all sorts.
Conclusion, 15 days, The Thorny  Path in the Atlantic, never again! Thank goodness for SSB radio our friends who gave us hope and gave us encouragement along the way. The Sat phone vital for weather updates for grib files and last but not least a huge thank you to John our contact with info and advice. 
So its a very happy christmas to all our friends from a happy crew on Agua Therapy. Don and Glenys

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