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Date: 16 Dec 2013 15:21:53
Title: still going 22 56N 65 44W

December 16th
We tacked trying to make some more East unfortunately we are going North too. So once again we are heading South which is good news. Now we have a fairly steady East which we need to get to landfall somewhere, not too sure where it will be yet.
This trip is the worst, the trip should have been 10 - 12 days but now looking like 16, we are both very tired and just want this over with. It seems like something is deciding where we will end up because for the last week the wind is either gone or full on with  27 knots at times with 2 - 3 metre seas in the same direction as the wind makes it very uncomfortable. The wind was coming from the direction we need to go. So our plans were very unsure a couple of days ago we were headed for South Africa. Don is fairly confident we will make the Virgins now. I didn't do any updates before because our route would have confused anyone. So looking foreword to stopping and resting. It may be a few more days with an update so don't worry.
Don and Glenys
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