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Date: 13 Dec 2013 18:27:32
Title: Its not easy 26 59N 67 30W

Friday 13th December
Not too much to say except we are still moving to our destination. We have sat and wallowed when we didn't have wind so this trip just goes on and on. I won't post blog updates now every day, not a lot of point when nothing is going on. At the moment we seem like we are flying along after such slow progress the speed is between 5 - 6 kts.
So far we only had a few squalls but did manage to use the wind it gave us.
The distance to go is now just under 500nm but we know on Sunday the forecast says the wind will be on the nose so we will go East making our journey even longer. If we had the right wind we would be there in less than 5 days but now who knows.

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