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Date: 10 Dec 2013 14:02:18
Title: It's still a long way

Well we knew this wasn't going to be easy, trust me it isn't! The first bit crossing the Gulf Steam was a piece of cake compared to what we are doing to make headway. The wind has other ideas of making things difficult. We have been trying our best to head East, to do this we have had to go North then turn back again, we are sailing as close to the wind as we can but thats a very uncomfortable ride. Now the sea has decided to put in its 4 pennyworth too, 2 metres wave height, so we have to negotiate both the wind and sea.
Out here there is nothing to see except sea, weather conditions have mostly been warm and sunny but we have had a little rain at night together with 25 knots.
Our plan is still the same head East to roughly 70 deg West then when conditions allow it will be all downhill so to speak when we turn South.
For the last couple of days the sat phone and communications have deserted us but it looks ok now, thats why there hasn't been any updates sorry. If you don't see an update don't worry its probably the same problem.
We spoke to a tanker last night on the radio who said there was a boat missing and its name was Aqua Therapy, its a fishing vessel from Spain. The guy said he was pleased we weren't it as he would have lots of paperwork to do.
Ok its a BFN from a very bouncy Agua Therapy.

Don and Glenys

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