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Date: 08 Dec 2013 20:39:11
Title: Frustrating weather

Sunday 8th December
Position 28 33, 89N 72 43.70W
Frustrating weather, we are trying our best to go East to the waypoint we have to turn South, either no wind or its coming right at us including the sea. This is typical of the Atlantic, big swells to throw you all over the place. We have to head North to make an Easterly point as that's the most comfortable and we can use the wind. So we have to turn South later. I’m afraid to say the weather gods were nasty to us last night, the wind died leaving us with no alternative but either wallow or motor, we did both. 
The forecast for us isn’t too good for the direction we need to go so we may have to sit things out until we get a Northerly so we can go south. Probably another 2 days  to go East yet before the decision to go south or another 800+ nm North. Going North to Bermuda sounds ok but it has a high pressure system which means there won’t be any wind. Bermuda is surrounded by reefs so we prefer not to go there in case we get stuck waiting for a weather window and can’t get out. Besides the only Charts we have are electronic ones as we never gave Bermuda a thought and at roughly 100 $ a time we didn't buy any.
Oh well its not so bad, the temperature is nice, lots of sunshine so it could be worse. This is going to be another long
trip.  W have lots of food and water so we won’t starve at sea.
P.S A note for Steve if you have a
moment would you mind giving some kind
of update on FB for us, Thanks
Don and Glenys
Agua Therapy trying hard to get to the Virgins.

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