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Date: 07 Dec 2013 16:20:05
Title: Getting better 28 45N 74 17W

Saturday December 7th
Getting better
After I sent yesterdays blog the conditions did improve a little late afternoon. The adverse current seemed to release us from its grip. So now the ride is not quite so bumpy and instead of 3 - 4 knots we are making good speed at present 5 - 7 knots, doesn't sound much but trust me when I say speed counts. The speed helps us over the "long swell" instead of bouncing over the cobble stones. The only downside now is we have to go further North than we'd like to, then as we go further North and East into the Atlantic the swells will increase. Both of us need our sleep and try to have cat naps when we can, I guess by the time we reach the Virgin Isles we will be exhausted. On the weather front it looks like the first chance to turn South will be on Sunday. The day time weather so far has been warm and sunny with a few white clouds here and there.
Not seen any wildlife yet apart from flying fish, we thought as its the season for the wales to move we maybe lucky enough to see some, although from the distance would be safer. Thats made me think oh no please don't come at night and bump us.

Riding the swells is like being on a rocking horse.

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