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Date: 05 Dec 2013 20:38:18
Title: 27 56N 78 07 78 07 18W

27 56N 78 07 78 07 18W

Thursday December 5th 15:38

Alls well if a little weary, getting the night watches right can be difficult and thats only after 1 day, who knows how long the body clock will get used to it.

We are now almost past the top of the Bahamas and heading North East as the sea is pushing us North. So fingers crossed we will be at our next waypoint, after that we turn South for the Virgins.

When we entered the Gulf steam the current is determined to carry us North. The wind is variable from 6 knots to 20 and we are reefed in. Sea sate, not to much swell but the waves are very short which gives the boat the shudders.

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