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Date: 10 May 2013 19:02:20
Title: 10th May to the Berry Islands 25 05 N 77 12 W

10th May onward to the Berry Islands We spent the night here 25 05 N 77 12 W after Don carefully  steered us into this tiny anchorage, the water once again was very shallow and full of coral heads. The Bahamas is very nice but oh the stress of shallow water with cuts through reefs has us both with our hearts in our mouths, at times I thought the crossing from the Atlantic was better than that. So we had a peaceful night but did see lightening in the distance and heard the wind howl at times, I think I was so tired from the previous night my head hit the pillow and it was 5:45 when I woke up. We have just past Nassau with its waterfront mansions, holiday apartments and the cruise ship docks no doubt spilling out the tourists. Someone mentioned when there are 5 liners in dock they spew out 25,000 the shops must have a field day but I guess they have to make a living somehow. We also heard it can be a very dangerous place to be with street gangs and there were 3 murders recently.
Overall Nassau being so commercial is not the place for us.
At the moment we are still a few hours away from our last stop before we cross the gulf stream to Fort Lauderdale, all being well it will be tomorrow when we cross, it will be an early start and an overnighter, the last for a while we hope.
Once again we haven’t had any internet so it looks like the US before we do.
We are sailing downwind making 6 knots with Big Red flying. Position now 25 28 N 77 35 W COG 340
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