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Date: 07 May 2013 23:33:33
Title: Tuesday 7th May Highbourne Cay 24 42N 76 49W

Tuesday 7th May Highbourne Cay 24 42N 76 49W
After crossing 12.4 nm from Shroud Cay in a maximum depth of 6 metres but had an average of 4 metres we have dropped the anchor in about 2.3 metres. Again we had to motor all the way, not a breath of wind. The motoryacht beside us has a waterslide and has so many “toys” jet boat, big tender and 4 jetski’s the boat is quite big.
Approaching the marina was very exciting, the biggest sharks we have seen so far most were more than 3 metres long and roughly 40 or so in numbers, all hanging around the mrina entrance wow you really wouldn’t want to fall in here.
So we went ashore, we tied up in the small marina close to another gin palace, lots of crew and the stern has a big sun lounge area with very comfy beds and rolled up monogramed towels “Incognito” the boats named. We took the trash to the bin and paid our 5 US $ for the privilege. The marina office has a shop with some provisions but soooooooooooo expensive 65 US$ for 24 small cans of beer so they stayed in the shop but we did by some cans of sprite and coke and 10 eggs, a total of 89 $ we don’t plan on buying anything else here. The restaurant was very quiet, just us there we ate lunch nothing special Don ate a chowder and burger me coconut prawns and a fish sandwich, 4 beers and 2 sprites, 101 $. I guess we won’t be eating there again. Ashore you have to stay within the marina area and not venture any further as the “guests” pay a lot of money to be private so the lady in the office told someone.
We had quite a wet ride back to the boat as we went through the cut on a flood tide, whoops!
The plan is to stay here for another day, pick up fuel in the jerry cans we are too deep to get inside although inside is very deep the way in isn’t.
Internet megabucks here so this will have to do for now, sorry.
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