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Date: 06 May 2013 17:47:53
Title: Monday May 6th 24 31N 76 47W

Monday May 6th 24 31N 76 47W
We have just arrived at another mooring ball at Shroud Cay, Bahamas after leaving Warderick Wells Cay. Stayed there for a whole week waiting for the weather to improve, not that it was bad just the wind in the wrong direction and watched the lightening in the distance. thankfully it went right past us. All we can say is what an amazing place to stay, every day we had a different scene, when the tides changed, and dropped leaving different areas drying out so you could see the sand and birds walking over it. Some days you could almost walk to the shore, something we didn’t fancy doing late afternoon after watching 3 metre sharks just scouting for food, there were smaller sharks, nurse sharks and lemon sharks, lots of stingrays, big yellow fin  jacks all of which waited at the stern for hours. The area is a national park for land and sea, we were lucky enough to get a mooring ball almost over a sunken boat which will eventually become a small reef, we saw 2 huge lobsters, its a No Take area so the lobsters, conch and fish can continue to be left alone to grow. Ashore there is a small office where you pay with a few postcards, books to swop, DVD’s for rent, T shirts and books to buy. No food, water or fuel. On the beach there is a reconstructed whale skeleton, they found it on a beach and the poor thing died because it swallowed plastic and lots of rubbish so its so important not to dump plastic at sea. The Islands “residents” are Bananaquit birds tiny birds yellow and black with curved beaks, some call them sugar birds because they love sugar, we watched one bird find someone's coke can and a cup to drink from. There are what look like giant hamsters or rats, brown with short tails called Hutia’s  we saw one scoot through the trail we went on. Saturday night its traditional for the boats at anchor to meet at 6 on the beach by the wooden tables for drinks and snacks, you take your own, we saw a Hutia come down and take the cracker’s that had blown off the table, I was lucky enough to take some photos but I can’t post them now until we get the internet.
The highest point on this place people have placed driftwood with the boat names and dates in a huge pile, we find some wood ourselves and Don burned our names, date and boat name into it so we took ours on the second visit to Boo Boo Hill.
We did meander through the mangroves on a few trails one took us to the blow holes in the rocks, some went to tiny secluded beaches, along the way are signs showing the way or arrows otherwise you could get into trouble. We took the dinghy outside the mooring field to a couple of small reefs and went snorkelling, saw Barracuda, Napoleon Wrasse, Grouper, Yellow tail snapper and lots of small reef fish, its very shallow so there is no need to dive here. There are 22 mooring balls most were empty when we arrived but the place did fill up by the time we left, most boats were American, there were a few big Gin Palaces with lots of crew. While we were ashore on Saturday we did meet a few nice folks, some of which are heading in our direction and some live in Fort Lauderdale, I expect we will catch up with them again in the future.
This place only has 5 mooring balls its going to be quiet, there is no office ashore but we plan to take the dinghy through the mangroves to explore. As far as plans are concerned we hope to hop up short distances until we reach the Berry Islands before we cross the Gulf stream to Fort Lauderdale. That will have to be when the weather is “right”.
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