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Date: 29 Apr 2013 20:37:06
Title: 29th April Dons Birthday 24 23N 76 38W

29th April Dons Birthday 24 23N 76 38W
Its Dons Birthday and we couldn’t have found a nicer spot than here in Warderek Wells Cay to celebrate.
After a lovely sail from Big Majors Spot which was just around the corner of Staneils Cay, which is very famous due to Thunderball Cave which is where Thunderball was filmed so thats where it was I can hear you say.
We're hanging off a mooring ball in a national park, I can’t say enough to describe how peaceful and stunning it is, romantic too.
We have actually been ashore and had a paddle, went into an office to pay the fee then walked along the beach a little. There is one house here for the couple that work for the park and nothing else. So far we have seen a big lemon shark, we saw a couple yesterday too, they are said to be harmless (I hope).
The waters warm and very clear thank goodness as it was quite shallow when we came through the cut. It looks like we will have to stay a few days as we have heard that some squalls are on their way with westerly components, at least we have come early enough to get a buoy before others come in for shelter we can think of worse places to be. So again no internet and you will have to wait to see photo's of this amazing place.
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