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Date: 20 Apr 2013 16:03:23
Title: 19th April 22 49N 74 20W Moved on

We arrived yesterday, Friday to the top of Acklins island after a bumpy ride into an anchorage. At first it didn't look so good but did notice 3 other yachts at anchor. Each side of the yachts are coral heads which stick up so in we came, well lets just say its very rocky and rolly but it did settle a little during the night but its now like being on a rocking horse sideways.

One of the yachts is from our group in Cartagena in Spain, we seem to keep catching up with them or them with us, they are on their way back to Canada. So yesterday Dolittles called us up and invited us onboard with the others from the yachts close by for sundowners, it was a nice evening catching up and talking to the others (Americans) who were heading south.

Tonight its our turn and we have invited "guests" for sundowners, should be fun.

We are looking at a nice white sandy beach while we wait for the weather to settle before the next stop to Rum Cay

Don is busy cleaning the salt off the windows, what a view! Hes' looking good

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