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Date: 11 Apr 2013 12:59:05
Title: Gran Turk here we come 20 44 N 69 27 W

07:46 April 11th
Departed the marina around 10:30
What a great sail for the last few days now storming along to Gran Turk with the help of BIG Red, the distance from the entrance of the marina is 375 nms  and those numbers are reducing fast now. 
At times we have seen 8.5 knots so we are trying to slow down otherwise it would mean us  going through the reefs n the dark  and that's a no no.
Boat speed is anywhere between 5 to 8.5 h well its not as if  there is something to sea anyway apart from cruise liners and cargo ships.
Don caught another fish he had quite a struggle bringing it in it turned out to be a tuna, its now prepared ready to eat but its in the freezer, it won’t be eaten until we are still as I need to try and keep it in the pan.
There is a fair old swell again which considering we are n the Atlantic again.
When I get chance the other blog will be updated.
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