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Date: 04 Apr 2013 22:46:50
Title: departed St Thomas 18 20N 64 55W

Departed today from St Thomas after being in a very roly anchorage for 3 days. Just after arriving a yacht in front of us dragged its anchor luckily someone went to help him. Only minutes after so did another but there was no one on board, we watched it miraculously missing other boats at anchor, again we saw others out in dinghies jump aboard and trying to reset the anchor, the owners came back to see their yacht disappearing it must have been one heck of a shock. Then at 2 in the morning another yacht in front of us dragged too, and another so that was 4 in one night. We did feel bad not being able to help our dinghy was still on deck so by the time we had launched and put the engine and fuel on it would have been too late.

We arrived in Isla Vieques at anchor and asked where we go to the customs to collect the cruising permit, we were in yet another anchorage (no marinas) and were told it was at the airport so Don took the dinghy to a dock then someone very kindly took him to the airport, he said the customs was a nightmare but after 1 and half hours he came away with the permit. So we then motored around to an anchorage just before dark not too far away which would have been fine except for the swell which rocked us all night long.
Oh well Puerto Rico next
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