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Date: 04 Apr 2013 22:48:13
Title: 4th April 18 17N 65 38W

Had another early start after a rocky night, this is really tiring so we headed for Puerto Rico through the passage between the isla Vieqes and Puerto Rico, the wind when we started was ok 12-15 knots then as we turned it picked up but so did the swell, not too bad but as we are both tired we checked into Marina del Rey. The marina has over 1100 slips and is very nice, not the cheapest but the service is excellent. They have people driving golf carts around full time and you just call them up for a lift to where ever you want, so far we have walked after days at anchor there is not a lot of walking done.

Had a fantastic meal in the marina restaurant and now looking to chill out then catch up with some chores later.

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