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Date: 22 Mar 2013 01:00:24
Title: 18 20N 64 47W 21st March St John

On a Buoy in Caneel Bay, after checking in the USA for the first time we are just around the bay from Cruz Bay. Not the best of places to check in, after grounding in Cruz bay, thankfully its soft below. So we went out a little and dropped the hook in very rocky waters thanks to the nutters in power boats and the ferries. 
So now swinging on a buoy half the price of the BVI's 15 US $ and its so clean here. Went on the dinghy to find a floating pontoon to pay the fee, easy you just drop the money in an envelope and stick it in a sealed box.
We are close to a "resort" looks very nice, an expensive place by the look of it with lots of ground.
So far from what we have seen the houses look huge.

May stay here a few days.
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