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Date: 09 Mar 2013 01:09:06
Title: St Kitts Friday 8th March 17 17N 62 43W

Crossed from Montserrat after spending the night in a small anchorage, we didn't leave the boat to checkin, we left at 06:00 in the morning,. 
No wind we had to motor all the way again.
Don did have a couple that got away but did catch a big barracuda, it was so big Don said no way was it coming on board our boat you ought to see the teeth! It managed to break 2 hooks off the lure and had a go at the gaff hook.

Liking it so far except for the money paid to customs and immigration. 
On the hook outside the tiny marina, when we arrived there was a huge cruise ship spewing tourists into the shops selling souvenirs including diamonds, easy pickings for those close to the port.

Went for lunch I ate some marlin and Don had his usual rib eye steak, he even had crinkly chips.
All being well we hope to find fuel tomorrow, the marina doesn't have a fuel dock and the dockmaster said he could arrange it to delivered in jugs, they will have to be big jugs we need 150 litres!

Will do a big blog again asap but internet here is difficult.
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