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Date: 08 Mar 2013 01:23:11
Title: left the Saintes and Guadalupe now Monterserrat 16 48N 62 12W

Left the Saintes to the north of Guadalupe. Now in Montserrat.
We enjoyed the short stay in the Saintes although it was very short we think we will return and check it out again, the same applies to Guadalupe. Internet was only in the Saintes via the check-in office, very expensive. We went “walk about” around the town and along the  beach of course we did have a couple of drinks on the beach watching the pelicans trying to catch fish.
Stayed at anchor in the north of Guadalupe, a small over crowded place but it was quite calm so there was no real excitement and we just didn’t feel like going ashore in that heat. So we had another early night ready for an early start today to cross to Montserrat, Don is quite excited to see the volcano. as we approach the island you can see ash trails on both sides for miles so we have to tread carefully. There is a 2 mile exclusion zone at the south side of the island.
Not a breath of wind to be had, motoring just like the med, Don has his fishing line out, as yet no fish in sight although we did find a weather buoy its the first one we have seen, you wouldn’t like to hit one in the dark.
All being well we will manage to get some internet but if not it will be St Kitts or Nevis.
Fingers crossed we should get fuel too, we haven’t see any since Dominica.
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