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Date: 03 Mar 2013 13:42:26
Title: St Ruperts Bay Dominica 15 34N 61 27W

This is Sunday 3rd March but we arrived from Martinique on the 28th.
On a mooring in St Ruperts bay in Dominica, its very wobbly this morning as the wind has dropped so I have been busy chasing things around the galley trying to stop things from crashing onto the floor.
So far we have checked out the forrest trekked into the viewpoints for parrots, that was great to see them in their natural habitat. Trekked across rivers and streams getting quite wet to see a waterfall and then a hot spring which I enjoyed but if the tour guy had said we needed suitable trekking foot wear my soft trainers would have been left on the boat! Ok party on the beach tonight, no doubt a few rum punches and yummy creole food too.
Big blog on blogspot soon.

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