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Date: 31 Jan 2013 19:04:17
Title: 13 55N 56 36W

Ok back in the washing machine, about 9 rock and rolls followed by a lurch to starboard then back to rock and roll, and sometimes we have a slap from a wave on the beam. Its looking like more of the same for the last few days to St Lucia.
We are just using the reefed in headsail as more squalls are predicted so Big Red is in the bag for now.
Had a few short but heavy rain showers last night and this morning but the temperature is warm so its not so bad.
Wind is between 17 - 22 knots NE and the sea is very confused, I think we have just been unlucky with the weather up to now.
The forecast is pretty much the same for the next few days, oh boy will we be ready for some proper sleep on a bed that does not roll us out of bed. Difficult to cook properly and eating is quite an art in itself.
According to the plotter there are 253 nm to go.
COG 274 m
SOG 5.6 - 6.4
WIND 16 - 23 KNOTS

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