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Date: 29 Jan 2013 20:56:50
Title: 13 45N 52 05W

Lovely day sailing with Big Red, she was up all night too. The moonlit nights are good, we don't need torches.
This morning we were entertained by Orca whales for around half an hour, they laid on their sides to look at us, roughly 5 to 6 metres in length. We were happy to see them on their way, the last thing we wanted was one to come up underneath us.
Later we saw a few pilot whales too but they don't normally stay long.

Its very warm now both in the cockpit and down below, the tans are coming along nicely.

Distance to St Lucia 516 nm
COG 270
Speed 6 knots
Wind dropped 12 - 16 Please send more!
Swell 2 metres much nicer

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