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Date: 26 Jan 2013 17:00:24
Title: 15 20N 44 57W

Another sunny day of rocking and rolling, will it ever stop.
Squalls last night together with 3-5 metre swells, nice, not!
Broke the mileage record yesterday 147 miles

Quotes of the day or should I say every day.
"Where am I?"
"Where are we now?"
"How much wind?"
"What speed are we doing?"
"What time is it really?"
"what the heck was that" normally after something flew across the cabin.
"How fast"
"where the heck did that come from usually a slap from a wave"
How far is it to go now?
Last but not least
"my bruise is bigger than your bruise" Ern is winning up to now

Its now 16:50
wind speed from 21 ish E
boat speed 6 knots
COG 305
Distance to St Lucia 930 ish

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