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Date: 25 Jan 2013 18:30:23
Title: 14 51N 42 43W

Groundhog day.
Yet another day rocking about and having the odd slap on the beam.
The sky has been overcast and we had some rain too although the temperature is good again.
Don recons another 20 miles or so and we will have reached new halfway mark.

All pretty boring really, the watermaker is doing well filling up our tanks, I must remember not to use so much detergent to wash up as the water is so soft.

Not much more to say except "wish we were there"

No fishing today but last night Ern had yet another flying fish at his feet in the cockpit.

So its now 18:30 UTC
Wind mostly easterly 20+ up to 30
SOG av 6.5
COG 294m

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