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Date: 24 Jan 2013 22:11:08
Title: 14 25N 40 43W

Still plodding on, we are expecting much more winds (30 knots +)so Big Red didn't have an outing today. The swell has increased to about 3 metres and for the next few days its forecast more than 3 metres swell.
Yesterday Don and Ern had such a difficult time on the bow because the swell was throwing us all over the place, I have to say I was holding my breath until they came back into the cockpit. Last night Karen had a "shower" while she was on the helm when a wave crashed into the cockpit. We do occasionally have a big slap from the sea when it happens it feels like the whole boat shudders.
Our course today has been all over the place trying to make sure the waves are not on our beam but more to the stern.
Preparing meals can be difficult with this swell especially when things slide off the plate, the food goes one way and the plate goes the other, trying to fill bottles with juice is fun too, it takes two people to fill the juice bottles with a funnel with the bottle wedged into a cup holder in the sink but Don usually tips as much water in the bottle as he does over me. Does any of you know where we can buy four of those Michelin padded suits to keep the bruises down?
Ern and Don listen to talking books while they are on watch so it helps them to stay awake on their shifts. Funny that, I lie awake listening to the pots and pans crashing about, sometimes I'm sure they are playing a tune.
We have had a sky today with scattered clouds thankfully the clouds were white.
Temperature is great 29 deg c
The halfway marker is getting much closer.
Distance to St Lucia from here 1164 nm
We are almost halfway now another 75 miles.
Speed today varied from 4.5 knots to 9.7 knots
wind variable between 16 to 32 knots
Its now 22:10 UTC
COG 227m
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Don, Glenys, Ern and Karen

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