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Date: 22 Jan 2013 17:32:01
Title: 14 20N 35 30W

17 10 UTC
Flying and fish

First the flying, big red is up and we are storming along speed
sog 6 - 7 knots the wind is between 14 to 18 knots. Last night we did hit 10 knots that's our record so far.
We are still rolling but not so bad, during the night it was very very lumpy at times.

Today caught 2 fish but not so big although several times the line was whizzing out, and Don was convinced it was something big but jumped off the hook.

Dinner tonight Karen's veggie curry, its my night off.

Last night during Dons watch another bird landed on the foredeck and ended up getting its head stuck in the netting but it did eventually free itself and escaped.
During the night we had several flying fish on deck and the boat now looks as if its been shot at.

Ern managed to download a satellite picture from the SSB and listened to Herb the weather guy for a few minutes.

NITTY GRITTY Estimated distance to go is 1434 miles
COG 279M

Although the wind and sea are trying to take us to Brazil (I have always wanted to go to Brazil)

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